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The Campaign:

April is the recognized month for Physical Assault and Child Abuse Awareness. Protect Childhood Campaign is a one month community drive (1st April to 30th April) to raise awareness about child abuse, prevent it and protect children from being victims.

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children along with ExHealth is progressing with an aim to prevent the physical and emotional abuse of children by mobilizing adults, families and communities to take action to protect the children before they are harmed. Sexual assault is known to be one of the worst crimes against children and also least talked about.

Although a number of countries have announced statistics on assault against children, reported cases reflect only a marginal number compared to the real number of cases that prevails.

The existing taboo on the topic makes families shy away and agonize discussing it. It is considered the responsibility of welfare associations and social bodies to fight this evil. Truth is families play a very important role in protecting children and preventing child abuse.

Outreach Program

Awareness material will be handed out from campaign stands at malls and family hubs to help raise community awareness. Handouts will include awareness booklets for adults and picture booklets for children.

Famous cartoon character from ‘Shaabiyat Al Cartoon’ will interact with the visitors at the venue and encourage them to visit the campaign stand Designated speakers will be visiting corporates, schools and social clubs during the month to promote awareness on this topic

Mall Schedule (April 2010)

Dates Time Venue
1st - 7th 10 am – 10 pm Dubai Mall
8th - 14th 10 am – 10 pm Children's City
15th - 21st 10 am – 10 pm Al Ghurair Center
22nd - 30th 10 am – 10 pm Arabian Center

Panel of Experts

Seminars at the various participating corporate, educational and social group venues will be conducted by one of the members from the designated panel of experts

  • Dr. Azhar Abu-Ali
    Care and Rehabilitation Director
    Dubai Foundation for Women and Children

  • Dr. Meenaz Kassam
    Assistant Professor
    Department of International Studies
    American University of Sharjah

  • Dr. Raymond H. Hamden
    Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
    Human Relations Institute

  • Dr. Saroj Thapa
    Assistant Professor
    College of Education
    Zayed University


8th April, 2010 Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange:

  1. As a parent this session was an eye opener. In fact it encourages me as a father to talk to my child on this touchy & stigmatic subject like this. I would definitely tell people around about this session being conducted so that people around Dubai are aware about it. Dr Raymond is an excellent orator. The session did mesmerize all the people sitting in the meeting room. We just loved the way Dr. Raymond H Hamden conducted the session

  2. Session was interesting and not overlong. Dr. Hamden is an excellent presenter and it’s a treat to hear what he has to say. The subject was informative and I would recommend it to everyone as people ‘need to know’ about such things. A downside is the region in which we live wherein Dr. Hamden himself admitted that persons are guilty until proven innocent. As such, a ‘danger’ is that subject to receiving this insight, persons might be over keen to point the finger at others which could lead to hardship for potentially innocent people. Whereas in the west, the situation is better controlled so that only those proven guilty receive just punishment.

21st April, 2010 India Club:

  1. The keynote speaker of the day Dr Saroj Thapa spoke about the various aspects of this problem present in every society. Her talk generated some insightful and thought provoking responses from the audiences present in good number. The talk was a significant step towards bringing this issue usually hushed due to the shame associated with it into the public domain and discourse. There should be more of such steps in raising awareness towards this menace against our young and innocent. – Mrs. Sangeeta Matta Verma wife of HE Sanjay Verma, Consul General of India

21st April, corporate in Dubai Media City

  1. The presentation helps to widen our perspective in regards to the physical assault and child abuse. It shed light on the gloomy approach in dealing with this kind of situation as such we may be able to identify early on if we encounter a child or children that are undergoing in this kind of predicament and be able of help.

  2. I really do appreciate the effort you have put on having this presentation. It was really indeed helpful especially nowadays that child abuse cases seems to be getting serious. As a mother, this actually gave me the full awareness of the possible signs of such situation.
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